12th Annual & Final
Harkness HAll of Fame

Saturday, November 16, 2019
Edmond Santa Fe high school gymnasium

the Life of
Heather L. Harkness

The life and memory of Heather Harkness is celebrated the only way she would have wanted—with love, laughter, friendship and a great deal of fun. As a varsity and club volleyball player, Heather proudly wore her #12 jersey. This year, the Harkness Hall of Fame Tournament will celebrate its 12th and final year. Participants and teams that have held the podium and a special place in the tournament over the last twelve years will be recognized and formally inducted into the Harkness Hall of Fame.

Since 2008, Heather’s passion for volleyball has been shared by hundreds of people of all ages. Friends, teammates, coaches, teachers and the volleyball community of Oklahoma, have gathered in Heather’s hometown of Edmond, Oklahoma to raise funds that support two of Heather's favorite programs, Santa Fe High School Volleyball and D.E.C.A.. This year, the benefit and fundraising is being expanded to a school-wide community project. The net proceeds will benefit more student activity programs and build the scholarship fund to award commendable students who embrace the characteristics admired and cherished in Heather.

We hope Heather’s memory continues to remind everyone to lend a helping hand, lift the spirits of others and serve their community. 

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