11th Annual Heather Harkness Volleyball Tournament


Saturday, November 17, 2018

Edmond Santa Fe high school gymnasium


Hundreds of people young and old gather each year in November to remember and honor Heather as a wonderful friend, teammate, student, and daughter who left many with her beloved memory. For those who personally knew her, she always had a smile to share and a story to tell. It was the wish of her family and the commitment of the Edmond Santa Fe DECA Chapter and the Lady Wolves Volleyball Team that helped launch the Heather Harkness Memorial Volleyball Tournament just three short weeks after her passing. With the devotion of many, the tournament has grown into the largest recreational volleyball tournament in the southwest region of the United States. This year marks a decade since we began this journey and thousands of volleyball enthusiasts and supporters have passed through. This year will be no exception as you can expect an excellent tournament,  great food, fellowship and fun as we look forward to seeing familiar faces and a whole lot of new ones. 


The All Sports Association has selected our tournament event as the official volleyball competition for THE STATE GAMES OF OKLAHOMA!  This is a great honor and represents all of the players, sponsors, volunteers, SFHS and the Harkness family in a very special way to share Heather’s story in an even bigger way.  Our tournament will officially add volleyball to the Winter Games, the first time ever and it promises to be an excellent partnership going forward.

 The tournament will continue to  dedicate a major percentage of its net proceeds to the Heather L. Harkness Fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation that funds the now notable, P.A.C.K. Scholarships. The P.A.C.K. scholarships are awarded to deserving high school graduates soon to be attending an Oklahoma university or college who demonstrate and exemplify twelve characteristics admired in Heather. In 2008, it was Heather’s own DECA class that established the criteria for this photo essay scholarship submission with four of the main characteristics being: Participation, Attitude, Character, and Knowledge—therefore forming, P.A.C.K. 

Heather would be most proud of how this event has become a gateway for her fellow students to learn business and marketing skills with an emphasis on understanding the joy and value of giving back to the community.

It definitely measures up to the Oklahoma Standard thanks to all of you!


All age co-ed teams of 6 people to 10 people. There MUST be at least two (2) people of opposite sex on the court during play.(exception for teams of all players being 12 years and under). Minimum of four (4) people on the court to play. Player is only allowed to play on ONE team during the tournament. Double elimination. Play time begins at 8:00 a.m. and will continue until play is complete. First aid/medical services will be available on-site at Edmond Santa Fe gym, provided by INTEGRIS HEALTH.


The Beginner and Intermediate division winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd will each receive a team plaque and each player will receive a  commemorative ribbon with the State Games of Oklahoma medal for Gold, Silver or Bronze. 

 The Power division winners for 1st and 2nd will receive a team plaque and each player will receive the commemorative ribbon with the State Games of Oklahoma medals for Gold and Silver. SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD: The Gold Power team also receives an invitation and tournament registration, should they agree to accept the honor, to represent the Great State of Oklahoma in the Games of America in volleyball, the first team ever to do so. 


$45 per person.  Each player on the team entry receives an official tournament t-shirt*, a meal card to Heather's Cafe featuring Heather's favorite foods and refreshments, and a 2018 tournament gift.  The Edmond Santa Fe High School gym is the headquarter venue and will have energizing DJ/music, a childcare, and of course volleyball fun! Heartland will be the Power League venue for early rounds and teams will travel to Santa Fe High School gym for the finals and festivities.  Team names must be in good taste and may be overruled if determined to be objectionable. 


 *The tournament t-shirt is designed and produced by SLATE, a local maker in Oklahoma City. 


ADMISSION: $7.00, includes 2018 tournament gift.  (all admission proceeds are donated to support unfunded student club activities at Edmond Santa Fe High School.) Vintage collectible tournament t-shirts will be available for sale from $5.00 to $12.00 at the tournament (subject to availability).

HEATHER'S CAFE MEAL CARD:  $8.00 (lunch, dessert and drink) Spectators are welcome to join players for a delicious meal in Heather's Café on the second floor of the Edmond Santa Fe gym featuring some of Heather's favorite foods provided by well known eateries in the Edmond community.  

SNACK CARD: $4.00 (valid all day for your choice of drinks or dessert). 

Silent Auction and Balloon Pop:  Choose from a special selection of gifts. Proceeds benefit the Heather Harkness P.A.C.K. Scholarship program and SFHS STUDENT ACTIVITY CLUBS.

CHILD CARE: Provided courtesy of the Edmond Santa Fe Spanish Honor Society, bring your kids(ages 2 years and up) for all day fun! (donations of $5 per hour or $20 for the day are appreciated and will benefit the Heather Harkness P.A.C.K. Scholarship program).

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